HIGH QUALITY GRAPES We have strong historical partnerships with our growers who share our pursuit of excellence. These historic relationships grant us access to more than one hundred different crus, 50% of which are Grand Crus and Premier Crus. We cultivate 57 hectares of our own land, 16 of which are run according to the principles of organic and biodynamic viticulture.

HIGH PROFILE WINEMAKING FACILITIES To perpetuate its signature quality, Maison Lanson has equipped itself with unique tools: 4 historic grape presses situated in the vineyards, along with our plot cuverie dedicated to the diversity of our crus and a “chai bois” serving our reserve wines. These tools, between tradition and modernity, combined with the talent of our Cellar Master, results in wines of exceptional richness.

PASSIONATE EXPERTS Every day, Maison Lanson’s people are guided by a passion for a honest day’s work and attention to detail. Since 2013, Hervé Dantan, our talented Cellar Master, has been humbly striving towards this commitment through the constant and endless search for perfection.

A LANSON STYLE Our blends benefit from a wide range of crus, a rare collection of reserve wines, developed with prolonged ageing. We vinify our vintages according to the original principles of Champagne, with minimal malolactic fermentation. Lanson wines are characterised by their elegance, freshness, vitality and ability to stand the test of time.

HIDDEN TREASURES WITHIN THE CELLARS In the cellars of Maison Lanson, there is a secret treasure: a collection of vintages dating back to 1904. Undoubtedly one of the finest collections of vintages in the world.
Traditional winemaking methods and expertise allow Lanson’s wines to develop beautifully through time and well into the future. Each year, only a few bottles, the majority in magnum are released for sale.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Inspired by nature, Maison Lanson has committed to ecological viticultural practices, favouring natural balance in the soil and plants. We proactively support our partners in an official and certified viticulture approach.
We are proud to be the first Champagne Maison to have settled a collective structure to accompany them towards Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne.

THE MALMAISON ESTATE The plots in Verneuil and Vandières, are biodynamically cultivated based on innovative and constantly evolving practices: controlled grassing, reduced soil compaction, soils nourished with homemade compost, and no use of pesticides or herbicides. Thus, Lanson is one of the few Maison’s to offer an organic cuvée in its permanent range: Lanson Green Label.

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